Digital world is very fast, but still we are addicted with some habits. Some habits are specific. Some time are fixed for those habits. Like we need tea / coffee in morning, we need breakfast at 8:00 am, reading Newspaper in Morning with tea / coffee, we need one morning walk daily, etc.

All these habits are part of life. Just like that for some people news, reports, newspaper are part of life.

Without reading newspaper the day will not start for some people. And it is actually a good habit. Because the newspaper is the only thing which gives you the best knowledge.

Today we are talking about one Newspaper company. The company is selling newspaper in London since 1896.

Almost 121 years completed for this Newspaper Company.

Daily Mail is the name Of the Company.

It is the United Kingdom's second biggest-selling daily newspaper.

It is the English – Language Newspaper.

The actual name of the company is Daily Mail and General Trust.

Average daily circulation of 1,510,824 copies circulated by Daily Mail in 2016.

They are not selling the hard copies of the newspaper. But they have website too.

Almost 100 million readers &unique visitors are visiting website per month.

Anyone can join it via daily mail numbers log in option.

Especially in UK they are running one Mail Reward Club Card.

In which user can take part and win the reward points for different use.

But this is only for Newspaper reader. To know more about the Mail Reward club card reader can visit the official site and create an account with Mail

Rewards Club Card Login In option.

The daily mail was actually a Broadsheet but then switched into compact format.

After the success they started selling the newspaper overseas.

It means now Daily Mail is available in other countries too.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.mymail.co.uk